All Oregonians need access to full reproductive health coverage. Yet for too many, access is still out of reach. Stay tuned for stories below to learn more about why we need reproductive health equity now for a healthier state where all families can thrive. And if you have your own story about access to reproductive health care, share it here!

Gloria’s Story

Twelve years ago, I became a teen parent. After giving birth to my daughter, I went home thinking everything was normal. Three days later I had to return to the Emergency Room due to heavy hemorrhaging. I was terrified and I was seriously afraid I would not be able to raise my daughter. If I … Continue reading Gloria’s Story

Hanna’s Story

I had a late-term abortion, at 23 weeks into my pregnancy. Two weeks after I returned to my home with empty arms, I received a bill in the mail for $2,123 dollars. It felt like a sucker punch. But at least I could pay the bill. Consider that $2,123 is more than a month’s salary … Continue reading Hanna’s Story

Kaden’s Story

I am a transgender man. Like many of my peers, I still have a uterus, which means I need to get annual Pap smear screenings. When I moved here five years ago, I established a relationship with a primary care provider in Hillsboro. Despite my repeated requests, my doctor told me I didn’t need Pap … Continue reading Kaden’s Story

Rebecca’s Story

My name is Rebecca. I’m a 21 year old Latina college student. I was raised in a religiously conservative household and never thought birth control or reproductive healthcare would be a concern for me until I met someone and had my first pregnancy scare. At that time, I felt very confused and ashamed. I was … Continue reading Rebecca’s Story

Kathryn’s Story

I have many reasons to care deeply about access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare. Firstly, as a woman and a mother I have been and continue to be affected by access to care personally. This has taken various forms, from insurance limiting what type, for how long, and even from whom, I could get birth control, … Continue reading Kathryn’s Story

Anonymous Story

In 2008, Before my first sexual intercourse I desperately sought birth control. Specifically an IUD, I was19 years old and had done my research and knew I wanted a non hormonal/low hormone menstruation prevention. You see I am a trans-man who enjoys protected sex with men. As a 19 year old sexually inexperienced, hornet, female … Continue reading Anonymous Story

Katie’s Story

I came from a conservative family, and was in safe, long term relationship as a 16 year old. Without Planned Parenthood, I would not have had access to affordable woman’s healthcare and birth control as a teenager. Then, in my first year of college, I was a victim of acquaintance rape. Thanks to PP, I … Continue reading Katie’s Story

Emily’s Story

Access to affordable annual health checkups and contraception has meant that health and birth control have not been luxuries. I have not been playing a guessing game with disastrous consequences. I have been assured that I am doing everything in my power to keep myself healthy and safe, without spending outside of my means. Thank … Continue reading Emily’s Story

Shadow’s Story

I come from a long line of mothers, young mothers. Five generations of women are alive in my family at any one time, until I broke the chain. My mother had me at 22. Her mother had her at the age of 20. I am 28 years old and have never been pregnant. My family … Continue reading Shadow’s Story

Anonymous Story 2

I am a primary care physician who prescribes and places contraceptive devices. When I have a discussion with an individual about what contraceptive options are best for them, we discuss how well it works, possible side effects, and cost. Prior to the Affordable Care Act, cost was a large determining factor in many people’s decisions to … Continue reading Anonymous Story 2